When to buy a round coffee table

When you’re in the market for new furniture, it can be tricky to figure out what type of look will work best for your space. Luckily, there are plenty ideas to inspire you, and advice for easing the process. Having the right coffee table for your living room is essential for creating a room that quite simply…makes sense. It’s definitely a drag to not have ample surfaces in your living spaces. The functionality of a well thought-out coffee table is important to consider, and will make your life easier!


Steps for selecting your new coffee table:

  • Decide where it should go.
  • Knowing which room your new coffee table will go in will help you curtail which type of style or size you’re looking for…maybe you need something for a finished basement, living room, or TV room? Each undoubtedly has its own style, and will help direct your search.
  • Choose a style to fit your space.
  • Once you have some sort of an idea of what style you’re looking for, it will be easier to sort through your options. In this case, style reflects the materials used to construct the table, and it’s shape. Materials-wise, you’ve got lots of options…most notably metal, stone, wood, or glass. For a sleek modern look, keep an eye out for a blend of metal and glass materials. For a more homey look, look for tables made of reclaimed “farmhouse” style wood.
  • Shape wise, you’ve also got a few options- square, rectangular, oval, or round. Depending on your space, choosing the right shape will make your room as functional as possible. If you have lots of different chairs rather than one main couch, a round table will work better. When you enter a room, think about the most sensible walking route, and base your table’s shape around that. The worst thing when picking furniture is to choose something that doesn’t fit the space, or impedes on you walking from one room to the next.
  • Decide what size you’d like your coffee table to be.
  • A coffee table is meant to enhance a space- both visually and functionally. Your furniture should fit well spatially, in such a way that it doesn’t stand out too much; rather, it fits seamlessly into the overall flow of the space. If you have a larger couch, you will need a comparably sized table, or consider using two smaller square tables side by side. If you have a lot of mismatched furniture, a round table will add some softness to an otherwise “jagged” assemblage of chairs or couches.
  • Need any additional features
  • Is it important for you to have a coffee table that also has a lot of storage, or maybe one that will allow you to display some of your valuables? Let it help you get organized, or serve as an added surface for your belongings. A table can have several uses, add more functionality, and be visually appealing at the same time.