How to decorate a coffee table

Knowing how to decorate is a skill that not everyone has, and can be a challenge. We’re all different- some of us are neat freaks, some of us are completely messy, and some of us know how to have a good balance between the two. Being able to design your living space so that it’s easy to maintain is essential for feeling good at home. The worst feeling is coming home and not feeling rejuvenated by the comfort of your own personal space. In this article, we will provide you with some tips for decorating your coffee table!


The main purpose of a coffee table is to provide an additional surface for a room, in a way that does not clutter or detract from the rest of the room’s aesthetic. To avoid it becoming a jumbled mismatched heap of objects, set your intentions for the table. If you have a plan for what it will be used for and how to decorate it, then it might help keep it looking great!


Here are some tips for getting your coffee table looking wonderful:

1. Show off your favorite things!

  • Maybe it’s a beautiful shell collection, small statues, antiques, or art…anything! Don’t be afraid to show off your interests and the things that you hold most dear (unless you have children and they might take a dangerous tumble…!)

2. Incorporate textiles

  • A beautiful piece of fabric or small tablecloth is a wonderful way to add your own taste to the room, and create a comfortable and soft feel.

3. Use low-lying boxes or trays for storage

  • To prevent smaller things from getting lost and to break up the look of your coffee table, position certain clusters together on additional boxes or trays.

4.  Candles

  • A few candles on a coffee table or side tables will add a warm glow to your living room.

5.  Keep it balanced and proportional

  • It’s great to use mismatched items of varying sizes and heights, but make sure they are arranged in such a way that you still retain a sense of balance.