How to choose the right size coffee table

With so many choices out there, deciding upon the right size for your new coffee table is a good place to start. Starting with a basic approach, when you or your guests are sitting down, you will want your coffee table to be big enough so that everyone can effortlessly reach it. The main point of a coffee table is to provide a useful, low-lying surface for people gathered around it. If only half the room can set their drinks down without getting off of their chair, your table may just be too small.


If your coffee table is about 50-70% of the length of your couch, it is probably big enough. Depending how big or small your coffee table is determines how much you can actually use the table for. If it’s too small, it will look cluttered with even just a few items. Make sure that you think realistically about how the table will be used. If it’s really just for a small little nook for one
or two people, a small side table might suffice. If, on the other hand, it’s going to be the main coffee table in your living room, you might want to get a larger table so that it can be as useful as possible; however, it is possible to cross the line and have a table that verges on being too big.


If the table is almost equal in length to your couch, it will be difficult to get around. Instead of adding to the flow of your space, an overly large table will detract from it. It’s important to consider foot traffic- will people be able to manoeuvre themselves easily around the room? If the answer is no, you (and your guests) will have a tricky time navigating from one room to the next. Inevitably, you’ll end up having to move the coffee table back and forth, as people come and go. Overall, just aim for balance! If something feels off and the room feels disproportionate, it probably is. Picking out a perfectly sized coffee table doesn’t have to be a chore- just aim to compliment your pre-existing space.